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    That's enough. I would've never told you to see Darren if I'd known this would happen. You're going to get yourself killed.
    — Altona to Avery Silman[src]

    Altona Daniels is the Chief Technology Officer for Projexus. She is the daughter of Jacob and Harriet Silman, the sister of Avery Silman, the widow of the late Terald Daniels, and the mother of Vassie Daniels.


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    Early Life[edit]

    Altona Silman was born to Jacob and Harriet Silman in Florespark, Texas, as the sister of Avery Silman. During her adulthood, she married Terald Daniels, and they had a daughter together named Vassie Daniels, though he died some years later, leaving her to raise their daughter on her own.[2]

    A Friend in Need[edit]

    Eventually, Silman became employed at Projexus and decided to hire a family friend named Jasmine Newman as an intern. Once the internship was over, she told Newman that an offer would be made for a permanent job at the firm, but she never heard back from her on the matter. Some days later, at the behest of Newman's mother, Silman called her brother to look into the matter, as she knew that Newman had become involved with Avery's childhood friend, Darren Fontaino.

    After an altercation between the two men, Avery was hurled from Club Merq. Avery collided mid-air with Yaira and a fight erupted. Yaira took Avery up in the air and threw him to the ground and landed on the roof of a taxi. After which, the Alphacore team transported Avery to the hospital. After Avery escaped, Altona and Sam received a signal from his Tracking Bracelet, and Altona drove to his location. After a brief conversation, Altona dropped her brother off at the nearest impound and went back home, failing to convince him not to confront Fontaino again. Some hours later, she was visited by Avery, who informed her that Newman was still alive and that they would have to be careful, as Fontaino may decide to come after them. After Avery put Vassie to bed, Altona then took him to her home office and showed him security footage of Newman's last visit to Projexus Headquarters, with the pair concluding that she was angry rather than afraid, before Avery left.[2]

    Powers and Abilities[edit]


    • High-Level Intellect: Silman is an intelligent individual, being able to get a job at the prestigious biology firm Projexus.[2]




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