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    To put it bluntly, your squad is a last resort. When law enforcement runs into an Except problem they can't handle and that's where y'all come in.

    Alphacore are a unit of the Florespark Police Department tasked with defending the city from Except threats.



    After working alone for some time as the Florespark Police Department's primary response agent to alien and Except threats, Bryan Solari realised that he needed a team to assist him, and so he recruited Jeramya Braxwell, marking the formation of the Alphacore. Some time later, the team expanded when Braxwell recruited Ingrid Valdez, following a run-in during a mission.[3]

    Ronashi and Copper Conspiracy[edit]

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    Altercation with Yaira[edit]

    Despite previously being warned never to return to Florespark by Solari, Yaira eventually made her presence known by attacking a group of police officers, resulting in them calling the Alphacore for assistance. Upon arrival, Braxwell and Valdez attempted to subdue Yaira, but were both blasted a significant distance away. While Valdez was falling towards the ground, Solari arrived and caught her, before reminding Yaira about their previous encounter.

    During the fight, Yaira mistook Avery Silman as an ally of the Alphacore, which resulted in her flying him into the air and dropping him from a significant height. Once he hit the ground, the team soon noticed the commotion and subsequently took Silman to Alliance Medical Northwest, as Yaira flew away to continue her mission.[1]


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