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    I've seen her kill small armies of men, yet she doesn't quite seem evil.

    Yaira is a mysterious ancient alien that took up residence on Earth. Whilst there, she became an archaeologist, biologist, and a consultant for Projexus, as well as an enemy of the Alphacore and Isom.


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    Early Life[edit]

    Yaira was born a long time ago on an unnamed planet. At some point, she travelled to Earth, where she took up residence in Florespark, Texas, and amassed a large amount of knowledge in several fields of study. She used this to become an archaeologist and later a biologist and consultant for Projexus under the name Dr. Sally Rodell.

    After noticing that she was quite different from the other inhabitants of the planet, Yaira became a subject of interest to Dokumaan, who at least on one occasion observed her kill a small army of men by herself.[2] At some point, she also had an altercation with the Alphacore, which resulted in them telling her not to return to the city.[3]

    Altercation with Isom[edit]

    After noticing a strange man following her, Yaira attacked him by throwing him into a nearby car. This alerted the Florespark Police Department to her presence, who immediately called in the Alphacore for assistance, whilst trying in vain to hold her off. As she was attacking the officers, she was interrupted by Jeramya Braxwell and Ingrid Valdez, but she was able to successfully overpower them both before their leader, Bryan Solari, arrived.

    Encounter with Isom

    During the fight, Yaira was crashed into by Avery Silman, after he had been thrown some distance by Santwan, following an altercation with Darren Fontaino at Club Merq. After crashing into the ground below, both quickly got up and a fight soon ensued, as Silman believed that Yaira was hired by Fontaino to finish him off, and Yaira believed that Silman had been hired to go undercover to follow her. After realizing that she believed that he was working with the Alphacore, Silman attempted to explain that there had been a misunderstanding, but Yaira did not believe him due to his superhuman strength. She then flew him into the sky and dropped him, believing this would send a message to her pursuers. Whilst the Alphacore dealt with the situation below, Yaira flew away to continue her mission.[3]

    Business Dealings[edit]

    Powers and Abilities[edit]


    • Alien Physiology: Yaira possesses superhuman powers due to her alien physiology.[2] Whilst using her powers, she has a blue aura surrounding her.[3]
      • Atmospheric Adaptation: Yaira is able to breathe in space without the use of specialist equipment.[3]
      • Cryokinesis: Yaira can generate icicles from her pores,[2] which she can then direct at her opponents as a beam of ice.[3]
      • Flight: Yaira has the ability to generate a whirlwind around her, which allows her to fly and levitate.[3]
      • Longevity: Yaira has a much longer lifespan than humans do, and is noted to be ancient even by Dokumaan's standards.[2]
      • Superhuman Speed: Yaira is able to run and fly at high speeds, which she uses to attack her opponents before they have time to respond.[3]
      • Superhuman Strength: Yaira is much stronger than the average person, as shown by her ability to punch other superpowered opponents across the sky and hold up much bigger individuals with only one hand.[3]


    • Genius-Level Intelligence: Given her long lifespan, Yaira has been able to amass a wealth of knowledge in various fields, including archaeology and biology, to the point of being able to work at prestigious firms, such as Projexus, as a consultant.[2]


    Current Equipment[edit]

    • Yaira's Suit: Yaira wears a blue and yellow suit occasionally whilst on missions.[3]




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