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    Truth be told, saving Jasmine wasn't my primary focus. I almost forgot about it. That clown talked down to me, and that won't go unaddressed.
    — Avery Silman[src]

    Avery Silman is the owner of the Silman Ranch and the superhero known as Isom.


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    Early Life[edit]

    Avery Silman was born in Florespark, Texas as the brother of Altona Daniels. When he was in high school he was friends with Darren Fontaino. After becoming an Except, Avery trained his body to gain special abilities and became the superhero known as Isom. During his superhero career, he had a confrontation with Santwan. After an unknown event, Avery retired as a superhero and became a rancher on the outskirts of Florespark.[1]

    Back to Florespark[edit]

    One of the days in retirement while training, Avery received a phone call from his sister asking for his help which he quickly refused. She then told him that Jasmine Newman has seemingly gone offline with no traces of her to be found, and asked him to look into it by meeting Darren Fontaino who may know her whereabouts as he was the last person to see her. Avery responded negatively, opposed to being her ‘errand boy’. However, when she stated that Jasmine’s mother asked Altona to help, Avery decided to head into Florespark to look into the situation regarding Jasmine Newman’s disappearance.[1]

    Back in Florespark, Avery’s first visit was Club Merq, a place owned by Fontaino. Security attempted to push Avery away however Fontaino invited him in having watched him on security cameras. Forcing Avery to sit down, Fontaino reminisced about old times having grown up together before looking down on Avery being more privileged in life while Fontaino struggled to meet ends meet. Afterwards, he told Avery to tell Mrs. Newman her daughter is fine and ordered security to escort him out. Avery refused, and a fight ensued to which he ran into a fellow except, Santwan, which surprised him.

    Santwan punched Avery which threw him across the street and he collided with Yaira. The two people assumed each other to be working for the enemy; Yaira thinking he works for the Alphacore whereas Avery thinking she works for Fontaino and as a result, a fight ensued between them with bystanders watching. Their fight ended in Avery falling on top a taxi, destroying it. The Alphacore was present, watching him fallen on the taxi among other bystanders. They took him to the Alliance Medical Northwest which he snuck out of before doctors can speak to him, having already run tests on him.

    Avery walked through a bad part of town, which didn't find his hospital gown appearance to be odd. Having used a bracelet on his wrist to ping his sister, she arrived to give him a ride back to her place. However, Avery refused as he decided to face Fontaino again and left to visit him at Club Merq. This time however, Avery ran into Jasmine who he then approached only to be pushed away by bodyguards; she fled the scene. Another fight ensued with Avery which resulted in another run-in with Santwan. They exchanged dialogue as Santwan saw the term Except as derogatory for placing him on the same level as him whereas Avery views it as simply a label to define people.

    He then managed to defeat Santwan this time, before being held up by cops ready to arrest him. Avery fled the scene and went straight to his sister’s place. While talking to his sister who was surprised to see him at such a late hour, he reflected on how his meeting went with police incompetence preventing him from stopping Santwan for good as well as how Jasmine appeared to be distraught.

    Avery had no intention of ever coming out of retirement but because of his fights and Jasmine falling deep in Fontaino’s fingers, he realised maybe he should come out of retirement. His sister alerted him of the dangers and he vouched to protect her and asked her to protect herself as well. His niece

    Vassie came out of bed, happy to meet her uncle Avery. She theorised that he is an except and Avery stated to his sister that Vassie is too smart for her own good. The next morning, Avery went to Taylorsville to retrieve his suit.

    Powers and Abilities[edit]

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    • Except Physiology: Silman has trained his body over many years to perform feats that would be impossible for the average person.[1]
      • Superhuman Durability: Silman's body is incredibly durable, being able to survive hits from powerful Excepts like Santwan and falls from significant heights.[1]
      • Superhuman Strength: Silman is incredibly powerful and so is able to fight powerful individuals like Santwan and punch normal people so hard as to disembowel them.[1]


    • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Silman is proficient in hand-to-hand combat due to his long experience as a superhero.[1]


    Current Equipment[edit]

    • Isom Suits: Silman wears a protective suit with a cross on his crotch whilst operating as Isom.[1]
    • Tracking Bracelet: Silman wears a tracking bracelet that sends out a GPS signal to his sister whenever he is injured.[1]




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