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    We had a saying the in army. Sometimes it's better to apologize than ask permission.
    — Bryan Solari to the Texas Trust Manager[src]

    Bryan "Bry" Solari is a superhero and the leader of Alphacore.


    Early Life[edit]

    Bryan Solari was born in The Village, Texas. Upon the outbreak of the Great War of Separation, he enlisted in the Texan Army, and soon found himself the subject of an experiment that resulted in him gaining superhuman abilities. He then used this advantage to turn the tide of the war in his country's favour.

    After the war, Solari moved to Florespark and joined the Florespark Police Department, utilizing his abilities to fight against all manner of alien and Except threats to the city.[1] During one mission, Solari was called in to deal with an alien called Yaira. After an intense altercation, he allowed her to go on the understanding that she would never again return to Florespark.[3] After several years of working alone, Solari became the leader of a specialized policing unit called Alphacore, soon recruiting Jeramya Braxwell and later Ingrid Valdez.[2] His activities at some point also made him a subject of interest to a mysterious being known as Dokumaan.[1]

    Ronashi and Copper Conspiracy[edit]

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    One day, Solari witnessed a hostage situation in which Cecil Moreno was holding a gun to a woman's head whilst wearing an explosive vest outside Texas Trust. In defiance of Alphacore's restrictions from dealing with crimes not perpetrated by Excepts, Solari intervened, separating the assailant from his victim, and hoisting him high above the streets of Florespark. After realizing that Moreno could not disarm his own bomb, Solari tore the vest from him and threw it into the air, dropping Moreno into a swimming pool below and successfully avoiding any collateral damage. He then retrieved Moreno from the pool for questioning, quickly realizing that he was surprised that the bomb went off in the first place. After turning Moreno over to uniformed officers, Solari spoke to Officer Flynn, who was upset that he had overstepped boundaries put in place for the team. Instead of arguing with him, however, Solari instead chose to fly away.[2]

    Second Altercation with Yaira[edit]

    Despite Solari's prior warning, Yaira returned to Florespark several years later, where she caught the attention of a group of police officers. Realizing they were no match for her, they soon called Alphacore for backup. Following a brief fight with Braxwell and Valdez, Yaira managed to overpower both of them, sending Valdez hurtling to the ground. Luckily, Solari arrived just in time, managing to catch Valdez before she crashed into the ground below. After some time, Yaira was suddenly hit by Avery Silman, who had been thrown across town by Santwan. Mistaking him for an ally of Alphacore, she flew him high into the air and dropped him on a taxi below. Once he hit the ground, Alphacore noticed the commotion and took him to Alliance Medical Northwest hospital.[4] Solari and Braxwell then attempted to follow Yaira, but were unable to locate her. The next day, Solari led a debriefing session at Alphacore headquarters, in which they discussed the incident. There, he tasked Valdez with investigating Yaira's activities, before leaving to do some training.[3]

    Powers and Abilities[edit]


    • Except Physiology: Solari possesses superhuman powers due to his Except physiology.[4]
      • Flight: Solari has the ability to levitate and fly at high speeds.[4]
      • Invulnerability: Solari is able to withstand large amounts of physical force without being injured. While still hurt by incoming attacks, he is able to survive both being shot numerous times, and being engulfed in flames.[2]
      • Superhuman Strength: Solari possesses incredibly high levels of physical strength. He is capable of lifting buses, ripping metal doors off their hinges, and was even able to slow down the descent of Alphacore's flying headquarters using nothing but his bare hands.[2]


    • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Solari is a proficient fighter capable of holding his own against highly-trained Except opponents.[2]
    • Leadership: Solari is a competent leader due to his experience leading the Alphacore.[4]


    Current Equipment[edit]

    • Alphacore Suit: Solari wears a protective green suit whilst acting as a superhero.[4]




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