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    Devlings are a species of supernatural creatures led by an unnamed leader.


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    The origins of the Beasts remain shrouded in mystery, known only to a select few individuals. Among them is the polymath Goodyng, whose scholarly pursuits have placed him at the forefront of researching these enigmatic creatures. Additionally, Bloodruth and Isom are privy to the existence of the Beasts, having ventured into battle to rescue Sam Williard from their clutches. Isom, noting their distinctive goat-like visages, joined Bloodruth in the perilous encounter.

    During their encounter at the Silman ranch, the Beasts launched a terrifying assault, abducting Sam Williard and spiriting him away to their concealed lair nestled within the foreboding peaks of the Saddleback mountains. It was during this ordeal that Sam Williard was marked with strange branding on his back, emitting an eerie, fiery glow akin to the eyes of the Beasts.

    While Bloodruth and Isom confronted the Beasts head-on, Goodyng continued his multifaceted and ingenious works, particularly focusing on the unusual DNA marker, Teracenagin, found within the Beasts' genetic makeup. This molecular anomaly sparked significant intrigue among scholars and researchers, hinting at potential connections to other infernal entities. Through their combined efforts, these individuals sought to uncover the hidden truths behind the origins and nature of the Beasts, piecing together fragments of knowledge in their quest for understanding.[1]

    Powers and Abilities[edit]


    • Unique Physiology:[1]




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