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    Yaira #1 Live-Action Trailer

    The Yaira #1 Live-Action Trailer is a trailer for Yaira #1 and the third project by Rippaverse Studios.


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    Yaira/ Dr. Sally Rodell: Morgan Boot

    Altona Daniels: Keeya King

    Lincoln Eusebio: Andre Anthony

    Stephanya Martinez: Maia Jae Bastidas

    Jerry Monolfo: MacKenzie Gray

    Isom/ Avery Silman: Marshall Bingham

    Police Office #1: Nickolas Baric

    Police Officer #2: Jason Bell

    Civilian #2: Sylvain Houle

    Civilian #1: Jen Soska

    Bryan Solari: David Brewer


    Writers/Directors: The Soska Sisters

    Producers: the Soska Sisters

    Producer/1st AD: Joe Gold

    2nd AD: Trevor Jurkan

    Production Designer: Evan Taylor

    Executive Producer: Eric July

    Assistant to Mr. July: Carrow Brown

    Based on Characters Created by Eric July

    DOP/ B Cam Op: Corey MacGregor

    A Camera Operator: Josef Wright

    A Cam 1st AC: Parker Chen

    B Cam 1st AC: Reid Walker

    Camera 2nd AC: Shingo Suzuki

    DIT: Jason Smith

    Stunt Coordinator: Fraser Aitkenson

    Rigger #1: Jason Bell

    Rigger #2: Nick Baric

    Avery Silman Stunt Double: Marshall Bingham

    Key Stunt Rigger: Dar Hicks

    Key Stunt Rigger Assistant: Sylvain Houle

    Set Decorator: Kianna McMullen

    Propsmaster: Julie Guli

    Gaffer: Travis Biggs

    Best Boy: Dylan Holm

    Best Boy: Ryan Drescher

    Electric: Johnny Bennett

    Electric: Cory Granfield

    Key Grip: Matt Richmond

    Dolly Grip: Steve Walsh

    Sound Mixer: Jan Hetmer

    Boom Op: Kyran McDonald

    Costume Supervisor: Nicole McCormick

    Assistant CD/ On Set Costumer: Madeline Lee

    HOD Hair: Alicia Ohana

    HOD MU: Jo Archer

    Lens Tech: Marcine Peter

    Driver: Kurtis Perry

    Driver: Kyle Gouveia

    SPFX Coordinator: Tom Blackrock Jr.

    SPFX Key: Matt Snider

    SPFX Shop Foreman: Geno Joy

    SPFX Labourer: Konnor Schaufelberger

    Continuity/ Script Supervisor: Chris Doerksen

    Dialect Coach: Trish Allen

    Icelandic Consultant: Asdis Mana Ragnarsdottir

    Location Manager: Mike Scorgie

    Locations Liaison: James Monk

    Security: Michael Alcantara

    Medic: Lance Tuazon

    Production Assistant: Shelby Leopold

    Production Assistant: Kennedy Mead

    Production Assistant: Shane West

    Production Assistant: Kurtis Perry

    Composer: Zach Hayde

    Editor: Steve Roste

    VFX: Splintersilk

    Post Production: PurpleDOG Post Production

    Deliverables: LightVAULT

    For PurpleDog / LightVAULT

    Executive Director: Pasha Patriki

    Operations Manager: Crystal Reeves

    Assistant to the Operations Manager: Milena Nasser

    Sound Department Supervisor: Matthew Harrold

    Project Manager: Rouben Boudagian

    Colorist: Mila Patriki

    Online Editor: Kyung Yoon Myung

    Supervising Sound Editor: Matthew Harrold

    Sound Editor: Mike Jones

    Assistant Sound Editor: Alex Laframboise

    Re-Recording Mixer: Steve Ejbick

    VFX Producer: V. Sai Sampath

    Rippaverse Texas Team

    Owner / Founder: Eric July

    Character Concept Artist: Marcos Rios

    Lead Illustrator: Igor Teixeira

    Art Director: Caanan White

    Chief Financial Officer: Alex Miller

    Editorial: Carrow Brown

    Editorial: Andrew Rodriguez

    Video Asset Manager: Jordan Crowe

    Video Editor / Graphic Designer: Brian Bradley

    Catering: Subway Canada Inc.

    Special Thanks To: The Fans of the Rippaverse


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